Off to Maine for the week! Not sure if there’s WiFi - I love you all haha

theycameandtheywent asked:
Happy birthday!! Hope it's been a good one :)

Thank you!!! It wasnt anything special at all. 

Just signed up for my riders course to get my motorcycle license :D September 12th needs to come sooner!!!

m3rmaid--tears asked:
Happy Birthday! You're rad as hell! 😎

Awh thank you!! youre too kind xD

If I could not have 10,000 things pissing me off today that would be great. 


Really going to bash another person’s relationship when you yourself were in an emotionally abusive relationship with a total douchebag just months ago? Pot calling the kettle black much?

You could have just messaged me personally.. and I have a right to be upset for a friends relationship. Im not saying its an abusive relationship, their partner is just a bit too mean to other people, and i dont get why they can turn a blind eye to it, especially when the partner is hurting their friends.. Yeah i guess I can see how that shit happens, but I can complain if I want.. ,_,

jkfarnzy asked:
Happy Birthday! :)

Thank you :3 It means a lot!

guyincognito1 asked:
It's 12:01am on August 15th. I told you I'd be the first to message you. Happy birthday, Erika.

Thank you so much xD I honestly forgot about this…

If you think this is a joke then you’re not in college yet.

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